Hotel Most Slávy Trenčianske Teplice

Stylish, well-equipped hotel, its atmosphere creates a pleasant environment and family atmosphere. It is suitable not only for accommodation, stay and relax, but also conferences, corporate and family celebrations.

  • About this Hotel

    Hotel Most slávy*** Trencianske Teplice
    is a stylish, well-equipped hotel on the outskirts of the spa park
    the famous spa town of Trenčianske Teplice, close to the river Teplička.
    The hotel also houses villas named MIRAMARE-CORFU, DEA and villa VERA.
    Here you will find comfortable accommodation, spa, restaurant, cafe,
    conference services, and many other services.
    In addition to classic wellness services hotel also offers a therapeutic procedures under supervision of a doctor - a physiotherapist qualified rehabilitation workers.
    Their equipment is destined hotel for congresses, corporate events, seminars, events and business meetings.
    Since 1995, the hotel is associated with an international film festival ART
    Film and corridors after this period started to walk many important Celebrity film screen. Not only daughter of doyen of film art Geraldine Chaplin, but also world-famous Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, Ornella Muti, the legendary seducer film and bon vivant Jean - Paul Belmondo, Franco Nero, Omar Sharif and Michelle Placido.
    The overall atmosphere of the hotel completes a unique Bridge of Fame with the names of those Celebrity awards at international film festival ARTFILM.

    Also, you will feel like a movie star! ....

  • Story

    Hotel visited the couple who had a special prayer..
    The Lord said, that in 19.... years in the hotel lived with their parents. At that time,
    actually the main part of the hotel (Villa Miramare and Corfu) served as dwellings. on photo from that period showed me, where they had an apartment windows.
    I mean, the room that it is and we went to look.
    "Yes, absolutely I see it, this balcony we had here in the living room and then
    continued kitchen and here we had a room with my brother". We were all
    The Lord then asked me that he and his wife are happy to book a weekend
    stay, but in this room. They said wedding anniversary and wanted these days
    survive somehow exceptional.

  • Weddings

    You stand in front of the life choices and do not know where to spend your first day
    common life?
    Hotel Most slávy and its architecture and specific film atmosphere just the right place for such an occasion.
    We provide complete service and high-quality services at reasonable prices ...
    * Wedding menu we will prepare the request according to your ideas
    * Room for honeymooners - our gift to you!
    * Rent rooms to 50 people € 166, over 50 people € 266 - price includes
    Chair covers and tablecloths
    * From hotel - soft drinks + food + wine
    * Your Own goods - cakes, alcohol (up to 10 l - the wedding to 50 people, 15 l at the wedding of 50 people)

    For residents of Trencianske Teplice - Resident Card holders - rent rooms at a discount of 25%!

    We also ensure pastries and cakes, decorations, music and cinematography.

    Festivity evening - morning massage - treat yourself to exceptional memories and relax after a dinner! Renew your positive energy and your wedding guests
    you always remember your first day..

    Your wedding day ... the day fairytale ... day spent in the hotel MOST SLÁVY.

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  • Hotel Facilities
    • Swimming pool
    • Restaurant
    • Access for wheelchairs
    • Wellness
    • Non-smoking rooms
    • Nonstop reception desk
    • Parking
  • Room Facilities
    • Internet
  • Map
  • History

    Hotel Most slávy is complex of four villas.
    Villa Vera
    The oldest villa type building on the 17 th November Street on the right side river Teplička represents villa Pötefi, later renamed the Palacky and finally the Vera.
    It was built probably around 1899. Unmistakable, somewhat bizarre structure with different tower, timber-framed structure at the top and rounded windows treated with a mixture of styles, despite very pleasant impression.
    Sometime around 1910, was attached to the back of the foot immediately of the hill Grófovec storey extension at a large L-shaped, which was demolished in 2006.
    With a capacity of 36 bed villa was owned during the first Czechoslovak Republic Mr. Alter and Mr. Baumgarten.
    Villa Vera after demanding adjustments in 2008 became part of the building complex of the Hotel Most slávy.

    Villa Miramare and Villa Corfu
    In 1912, they were designed by the company Krisler and Malirsch from Žilina elevates Vera villas built two symmetrical buildings bathhouses. That were given exotic names Miramare and Corfu.
    Storey Art Nouveau building belonged since its opening to the most luxurious spa accommodation facilities.
    Owner of Miramare was Móric Weisz, Corfu owned James Schlesinger. Each of the "twins" offering 24 rooms with 40 beds.
    The buildings have undergone many renovations, most fundamental probably took place in the second half of the 20 th century, when in the case of modernization and comfortable housing, both buildings combined and overlapped joint terrace.
    Hotels in 1995 bought the Slovak Savings Bank and in 2006 they bought the current owner. In this period was carried out several reconstruction and in 2007 the buildings were connected to the villa Dea.

    Villa Dea
    The place where a stream Teplička on a curve a little "jumped" by the 17 th November Street, was selected in 1911 Ignatius Schlesinger and gave there built Nouveau bathhouse, which was named after a Hungarian politician Deák.
    Interestingly storey Art Nouveau building is a slightly arcuate floor plan, which follows the bend a stream Teplička, running immediately before the north side of the building.
    Trenčín´s construction company Berta and Kovač was realized design and construction. In 1918 the villa was renamed Dea.
    The 24 rooms offered 35 beds. In the seventies of last century the hostel was situated here. In the nineties was building belonged Slovak Savings Bank. In 2006 the current owner bought it.
    Currently, all four buildings are below the hotel complex Hotel Most slávy. Name of the hotel is due to close proximity to the bridge over Teplička, in which plaques with the names of well-known actors and participants Art Film Festival.